Aerial Targets 


An expansive array of targets are available for both threat and target presentation to systems under test. Unique targets can be supported, by request.  Both manned and unmanned targets are available.  Unmanned targets are suitable for both sensor and live weapon system tests.  Manned targets and operational UAVs are suitable for sensor and other nondestructive tests.


Unmanned target drones


  Full-scale: QF-4

  Subscale: MQM-107, BQM-34, BQM-74,

  BQM-167 and AQM-37




  MQM-171A Broadsword

  Operational UAVs for sensor tracking




  Threat missiles

  Patriot, Research Rockets, Hera, Juno and Lance


Manned aircraft for sensor tracking


  46thTest Group at Holloman AFB: AT-38 and C-12

  WSMR Army Air: UH-1, UH-72, C-12

  Contractor provided aircraft


Aerial Cable targets 


Towed Targets