Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)


White Sands Missile Range has many capabilities and facilities for Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Testing.

Horizontally Polarized Dipole II (HPDII): The HPDII EMP simulator is a fast rise time free-field EMP simulator used for system-level testing to the Early-Time HEMP Waveform of MIL-STD-2169B.  A second pulser provides a mobile capability and is routinely requested by customers to be set-up at remote sites for testing.  The mobile HPDII consists of the pulser, antenna and data acquisition trailer.

Advanced Fast Electromagnetic Pulse System (AFEMPS):  A 3.5 MW pulser combined with a wire-spread antenna system provides system level testing and meets MIL-STD-2169B Early-Time HEMP Waveform

Vertical EMP Facility (VEMP):  A VEMP using a 2.0 MW pulser is being developed to provide the Early-Time HEMP Waveform and is scheduled to be operational no earlier than January 2013.

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