Gamma Wave Radiation


The Gamma Radiation Facility (GRF) is designed to provide the total gamma dose and residual gamma dose environments needed for nuclear effects testing of virtually any size item.  The GRF has sources that can be used in any combination to provide an environment for transient radiation effects on electronics (TREE) experiments as well as verification tests of systems for gamma dose survivability.  However, the uses of the GRF are diverse, including radiography and shielding experiments, as well as calibration and operational testing of military radic instrumentation.  For any questions or more information please contact our Business Development Office at 1-866-532-9767 or email us at

  • Relativistic Electron Beam Accelerator (REBA) is a Flash X-ray simulator that produces the gamma dose rate environments of a nuclear weapon detonation


  • Gamma Radiation Facility (GRF)
    • GRF provides total gamma dose and residual gamma dose environments
    • Used primarily for gamma dose survivability evaluations
    • Also can be used for radiography and shielding experiments


  • Linear Electron Accelerator (LINAC)
    • LINAC simulates the high intensity gamma spike associated with a nuclear detonation
    • High energy, short duration pulses of radiation
    • Used to test gamma dose-rate-sensitive electronics at the piece part, component and assembly level


  • El Dorado Gamma Facility (EGF)
    • EGF is an Enhanced Low Dose Rate Sensitivity (ELDRS) gamma room irradiator
    • Tests gamma radiation effects on semiconductors, circuit boards and entire electronic units
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