A wide variety of air and ground targets allows the full range of target types, speeds and altitudes.  Varied terrain allows target presentations under realistic scenarios.  WSMR Optical capabilities allows determination of target mask/unmask. 


A wide range of frequencies, normally not available at other ranges, is available at WSMR due to the size, restricted airspace, and isolation of WSMR.  The DOD has never been turned down for needed frequencies at WSMR.  WSMR does not lock-in customers to a standing RFA, we can work with nearly any frequency.  Mountainous terrain means even higher transmitting power can be used, if required, especially with higher frequencies.


WSMR Electronic Warfare capabilities provide realistic threat countermeasure environments.   The Army Research Lab Information and Electronic Protection Division at WSMR is the Army’s lead organization for electronic warfare vulnerability.


For radar- based sensors, use of Radar Cross Section measurement facilities such as National Radar Test Facility and Radar target scatter Advanced Measurements (RAMS) facility to help characterize sensor performance.

The Centers for Countermeasures Millimeter Wave ECM Threat Simulator (METS) and Millimeter Wave Laboratory (MMWL) at WSMR provide unique millimeter wave sensor test assets.