High Powered Microwave


White Sands Missile Range's High Powered Microwave (HPM) capability produces flexible emission to simulate HPM sources in several frequency bands.

Narrowband (NB):

  • One 32-MW Very High Frequency (VHF) system at 300 MHz.
  • 36 1-MW magnetrons, 50 selectable frequencies each, providing continuous frequency coverage from 1.2 to 39GHz.
  • One 175-240 kw 3-tube system providing continuous frequency coverage from 140-1000 MHz.
  • Six 70-350 MW Super Reltron Tubes providing 50 kv/m @ 15 meters between frequencies of 670-3000 Mhz.
  • One 1000-1600 MHz narrow pulsewidth system providing narrow pulsewidths and high energy for testing digital systems.
  • One 1700-3000 MHz narrow pulsewidth system.


  • One portable 150-270 Mhz bandwidth unit
  • One 200-6000 Mhz unit divided into nine bands

Ultra-Wideband:  Ultra-Wideband is available in one large system level test facility that can provide 35kV/m @ 50 meters across a tank size system.  The frequency coverage is 670-4300 MHz.

Sensor Suite Instrumentation (SS)

The HPM also utilizes support from Sensor Suite Instrumentation (SS).  The SS capability measures HPM field strengths and intensities in the vicinity of a ground target during an HPM test.  This allows the characterization of the electromagnetic field spatially and temporally.  SS supports simultaneous acquisition of up to thirty field sensors for real-time measurements, as well as up to ten autonomous sensors, which provide non-real-time measurements at remote testing areas.  The SS software system automatically removes instrumentation effects and converts the data into formats suitable for user interpretation.  SS supports several operational scenarios including effects and vulnerability testing, HPM source characterization, HPM chamber and open air test, safety assessments, and classified test operations.

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