Radiometric Support


The Center has developed a "world-class" radiometric instrumentation suite dedicated to signature characterization of a host of military assets and threats. The sensor suite consists of a variety of 3 – 5 micron Fourier transform spectrometers (FTS) and an 8 - 12 micron FTS. The premier spectrometer is a custom-made ultra-violet/visible/infrared FTS. Spectroscopic analysis of gaseous emissions from combustion by-products includes investigations at the atomic and molecular level. The imager suite consists of several 3 - 5 micron imagers, an 8 - 12 micron imager, a dedicated 8 - 12 micron imager used for contrast tracking, a wide field-of view (FOV) visible scene imager and an extreme narrow FOV tri-focal imaging system. Meteorological data, including ozone concentrations, are recorded in-situ and can be input in near real-time to an advanced atmospheric transmittance/radiance model.

The Seeker Radiometrics Test Van is used to collect, analyze, archive, and distribute static infrared-guided seeker test data collected from multiple seekers simultaneously during field countermeasure test programs. The Van assists the DoD tester to determine effectiveness of expendable IRCMs in the protection of aircraft platforms. Up to eight seekers can be mounted on the van. Additionally, the van has suite of radiometric imagers and spectrometers for collecting signature information.

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