300K Dynamic Test Facility is located 2 miles from the main post area and is approved for the testing of hazardous (explosive) items. It consists of three electrodynamic shaker buildings, a static fire bay, a pendulum impact test area, and a centrifuge. Two of the electrodynamic shaker buildings contain two 18,000 lbf. exciters arranged side-by-side so that long items can be tested. The exciters have a two-inch displacement capability. A 50,000 lbf, 2 inch displacement shaker is housed in the third building.

Other capabilities include:

  • Shock testing on 36" x 36" shock machine
  • Loose cargo vibration testing on a 6,000 lb. capacity Package Testing Machine
  • Pendulum Impact Testing (Shipping and Handling Shock on items up to 6,000 lbs.)
  • Centrifuge (Sustained Acceleration) Testing up to 100 G´s on items weighing up to 300 lbs.
  • Static Firing/Dynamic Burst Testing of rocket motors 40" in diameter and 100,000 lbs of thrust
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