Electrodynamic vibration exciters are available to meet most vibration testing requirements. Large reaction masses accommodate multiple exciters for tests involving large forces, massive test items, or multiple degrees-of-freedom excitation. A wide range of test setups can be accommodated for large structure testing by positioning multiple shakers around the structure. Most vibration test specifications can be accommodated with our Data Physics Vector II vibration control systems. Electrodynamic Vibration Test Exciter specifications are listed below:

Shaker Force Rating
Frequency Range
UNHOLTZ-DICKIE 2,000 1 5 to 3,000
LING 335 18,000 1 5 to 2,000
LDS 964LS 16,000 2 5 to 2,000
UNHOLTZ-DICKIE 50,000 2 5 to 3,000
Photo: Testing on 2-Inch Displacement Dual Exciter
2-Inch Displacement Dual Exciter Setup
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