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This facility is a hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulator for assessing the effectiveness of EO air defense missile systems in complex countermeasure environments. The simulator consists of both analog and digital computer systems supplemented by special scene generation hardware and software capable of providing a complex EW environment consisting of decoy flares, EO-jammers, advanced countermeasures devices, and complex backgrounds. The simulator also includes major portions of actual missile guidance and control hardware with software embedded in the simulation loop. Real-time representations are solved for missile dynamics in six degrees of freedom and for target motion in three degrees of freedom. A multiprocessor digital computer solves the missile aerodynamics and propulsion and the relative target-missile geometry. The analog computer models subsystems with bandwidths too high to allow a real-time digital solution, such as the wing servo or gyro transfer function. A second digital computer functions as the simulation controller and supervises the real-time trajectory and field-of-view displays hosted on two PCs.

This facility reduces cost of missile firing tests required to provide survivability and lethality data for inclusion in system analyses. Output data consists of miss distance, missile trajectory information, and missile system parameters. The simulation is validated against actual missile flights to ensure accuracy.

Additionally, this facility also has access to a computer-controlled rate table and various EO devices to assist in characterizing seeker effects that are modeled in the simulator.

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