Aerial Cable Range

The Aerial Cable Range (ACR) is a Tri-Service facility and has conducted tests for all armed forces. NATO customers have also been accommodated to service their needs.

The facility provides a wide variety of testing which includes:

  • Missile firings, Red and Blue types of Surface to Air (SAM) and Air to Air (ATA)
  • Signature measurements (IR, UV, and Radar)
  • Submunition Drops
  • Antenna Development
  • Ground fire characterization
  • Aircraft characterization
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Countermeasure tests

The ACR target can be stationary or dynamic. Dynamic gravity rolls of targets up to 120 knots and rocket-boosted rolls up to 240 knots can be accommodated. The ACR can position targets anywhere along the cable and have the targets rotated in 5 degree increments for different aspects. Depending on the target weight and size, targets can be lifted from ground level to a maximum of 1000 feet AGL. On board video links, timing, GPS, remote control via Labview, modems, and wireless LANS can be accommodated.

The ACR is capable of high repeatability of test scenarios, target velocity, position and control. Multiple launches are possible, as well as dual firings with any desired time separation.

The ACR main features are: its 2.5 inch Kevlar able with 500,000 lbs breaking strength, 15,500 ft horizontal span and 2,500 ft vertical rop, operating tensions from less than 20,000 to 150,000 lbs, and 20,000 lb lift capability.

There are no alternatives to this type of high risk testing. The ACR provides flexible, devoted, and economic test services.