Pulsed Laser Vulnerability Test System (PLVTS)

Pulsed Laser Vulnerability Test System (PLVTS), the largest pulsed CO2 laser in the U.S., is designed to support susceptibility and vulnerability testing of electro-optical/ infrared (EO/IR) tactical weapon systems.

Fully transportable and self-contained, PLVTS is capable of providing tactical threat environments at virtually any test range in the world.

Central to the PLVTS is a closed-cycle, electric-discharge, pulsed CO2 laser. Operating at 10.6 um, this proven laser delivers moderate to high energy levels, with low maintenance and operating costs. Power is delivered on target via the sophisticated Advanced Pointer/Tracker (APT). The total system consists of the pulsed CO2 laser, APT, control room, laser beam diagnostics, and 50 cm static output telescope, all mounted in a 60 foot System Van.

A 25-foot Utility Van houses necessary ancillary equipment. For downrange target data acquisition, a 35-foot Mobile Target Van contains optics and diagnostic instrumentation.

PLVTS supports a full complement of beam diagnostic instrumentation for measuring critical output parameters of the laser and selected parameters at the target plane. A Macintosh-based data acquisition system provides ease of set-up and modification of desired parameters. The PLVTS is a platform for performing survivability and hardness evaluations of weapon systems and commercially developed EO equipment.